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90 min Bikram

The core of what we offer is the 90 minute Bikram class. This class takes you through a comprehensive system of 26 traditional Hatha yoga postures. The 90 minute time frame allows your body to go through an entire therapeutic cycle. This is an incredible system designed to heal the body, maintain optimal health and increase longevity. The series is a moving meditation practiced in a heated room adjusted seasonally based on our high desert weather conditions. The heat helps you to increase flexibility, reduce injury and facilitate detoxification of the body. The class is not designed for you to suffer. Our goal is that you have a good and appropriately challenging experience, get a good cleansing sweat, and heal your body, but not struggle against or be distracted by the heat.

This system of yoga is complete, head to toe workout. It incorporates cardiovascular benefits, increases both strength and flexibility and is suitable for students at all levels. In each class, each day you practice, you just do the best you can. The teacher will support and guide you through.

Warm classes

In warm classes we turn the heat down a bit for those days you feel challenged by the heat.

60 min Bikram

For a tune-up/maintenance class we also offer a 60 minute “hour of power” class that takes you through the warm-up series and one set of the rest of the postures. It is designed to support your healing, reduce tension, and keep your mind and body in touch with each other so that you can stay in the “yoga zone” throughout your week. This class will maintain your cumulative yoga benefits and remind your body of its strength and flexibility capabilities. The 60 minute class is suitable for students at all levels. It is designed to be both an introduction to the series and a support to a regular 90 minute practice.


The yin practice is designed to be a perfect complement to your Bikram practice. It is taught at a cozy temperature with the lights down. You hold postures longer and use time and gravity to increase your flexibility and decrease your stress levels. The Yin classes are suitable for all levels.


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